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Ancient Tool.

Modern Design.


Birth stools for midwives, birth centres, and HOSPITALS


Handmade by women in Toronto, Deverra™ birth stools pay homage to traditional birth stools, while meeting the needs of modern midwives. Beautifully crafted wooden seats provide comfortable support, while elegant acrylic bases are durable and easy to clean. Legs and hardward are made from high quality, 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Deverra™ birth stools are also available with acrylic seats, making them ideal for submersion during water births and for use in institutional settings. Made for convenience, the entire stool is easy to disassemble with a few turns of an Allen key. All Deverra™ stools come with a canvas shoulder bag for easy transport - once taken apart the whole stool slides neatly inside!

To be clear, I did not start out with a birth plan that even imagined doing it at home. But it worked out that way and it was pretty damn magical. And, despite my preconceptions, I felt remarkably safe and secure. After about seven hours of labour, we ended the labour— and began our life with our daughter—by using the Deverra birth stool to push. The best thing I can tell you about the pushing is that I didn’t even notice the birth stool I was sitting on—it was simply giving me the support and stability I needed to focus on breathing and getting my baby here safely.
— Nika Khanjani, Midwifery Client
The combination of organic materials and modern design perfectly reflect contemporary midwifery.
— Simone Rosenberg, RM
Whenever a client expresses an interest in birthing at the Toronto Birth Centre, they often ask about what it’s like there. I talk about the beauty of supporting people in labour at an institution designed around normal birth. The Deverra Birth Stools are one of those key things that makes the Birth Centre special. They support my clients in a comfortable birthing position in and out of the birthing tub, they are versatile, and are designed with such thoughtfulness and care so that they can safely be used by all clients who choose to labour at that institution. They are an ideal tool and one of the many ways I can confidently support my clients in meeting their goal of a physiologic birth.
— Jill Parsons, RM

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